Delta Mu Delta chapter explores how to transform people and cultures in turbulent competitive environments

PHOENIX, AUGUST 23, 2019 -- Dr. Brent Duncan met with the Lambda Sigma Chapter of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business at the University of Phoenix to conduct a professional development workshop on leading individual and organizational change in turbulent environments. The group discussed fundamental concepts of organizational behavior and change, explored the influence culture has on human and organizational effectiveness, and compared episodic and continuous change strategies for influencing change in people and organizations.
Considering how episodic change can be a consequence of failure to adapt to dynamic competitive environments, the group explored continuous change strategies for building resilient organizational cultures capable of leveraging challenge to adapt within changing environments.  After exploring research-based perspectives on stress management, Dr. Duncan presented his dynamic interactive adaptability model for leveraging challenge as a vital force to drive performance, growth, adaptability, and wellness in challenging environments.
"The Dynamic Interactive Adaptability Model provides a framework for helping us understand ourselves in relation to our environment," he said. "Most of the challenges we face are first-world problems that we react to as if they are saber-toothed tigers that we must flee or fight. Shifting our perspectives and behaviors can help us move beyond destructive limbic-thinking to leverage stress as a vital catalyst for growth, adaptability, and wellness."
For excerpts from the workshop, please see below: