Japan’s unprecedented disaster

High atop a bluff, Brent Duncan and his wife Penny watched as the Pacific Ocean overpowered the shoreline and blanketed communities along the northeastern coast of Japan. As surge after surge of water rushed inland, Duncan, a lead faculty member with University of Phoenix, knew the low-lying areas would be badly damaged.

When the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami finally ran their course, hundreds of miles of Japan’s coastline lay devastated and tens of thousands of people were dead or missing.

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Declaration of Independence established guiding star for catalyzing society toward equality and liberty

The Declaration of Independence upon which the United States of America was founded provides a compelling example of how to define a vision statement. In short, a vision statement is not something that states reality but that creates a dissonance that inspires individual and collective action to advance toward achieving a shared vision.

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Adult learners need to pick up their own groceries

Excerpt: degree is only as valuable as the knowledge, skills, and adaptability it represents. Blaming a lack of employment on a degree says more about the jobless graduate than it does about the degree.

Dynamic needs of learners require methodological integration in adult higher education practice

As student needs and society demands become increasingly diverse, didactic teaching methods imposed by teachers who lack practical experience have diminishing effectiveness in higher education. Teachers and institutions who suffer methodological myopia risk escalating commitment to static practices in a dynamic context. Put differently, scholarly lectures to prepare students for passing tests are increasingly irrelevant.

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The fallacy of escaping work for a "stress free" break to "recharge"  

Excerpt: From a leadership perspective, we establish a foundation for failure if we fall for the myth that employees will be more productive in a stress free environment or send them away to recharge. Back to the systems theory perspective, stress free means no-growth, no productivity, complacency, decline, death. If we want to build a high performance organization, we're better off helping our employees develop the resilience and skills they need to succeed in their jobs. If an employee lacks competency to handle the stresses inherent in the job, consider offering training for enhancing their performance, satisfaction, and health.

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